Thank you for considering a gift of money or books to your Carbon County Library System. While tax funds finance basic library services, private contributions like yours enhance the library. We know that Carbon County citizens are proud of their public library system because they use the library. Your generosity will benefit people of all ages across the breadth of Carbon County.

Gifts may be in the form of cash, securities, life insurance, real estate or other personal property, such as books. The opportunities for charitable contributions are many and varied.

Monetary Contributions

The Carbon County Library Foundation (CCLF) accepts monetary contributions on behalf of the Carbon County Library System. This independent, non-profit organization welcomes gifts from individuals, businesses and foundations. Contributions are tax-deductible, and the CCLF will work with you to ensure that the assets you want to give can be used as you wish while also meeting the needs of the library.

You may designate your gift for a local branch library, a specific library program or a certain part of the library’s collection. Undesignated contributions will be placed in the Endowment Challenge where they will be doubled by the Wyoming State Legislature, and used to build an endowment for the long-term sustainability of the Carbon County Library System.

In addition, you may make a gift in memory of a special person. These gifts can celebrate such occasions as births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays and the life of someone dear.

Cash and Securities

The simplest way to make a gift to the Carbon County Library System is to write a check payable to the ‘Carbon County Library Foundation’.
The CCLF also accepts outright gifts of appreciated marketable securities, and will be happy to assist you in transferring these assets.

Planned Gifts

Donors are increasingly naming the CCLF as a beneficiary in their will, life insurance or retirement funds. These planned gifts, which you can arrange now but give later, can be revised as needed. The CCLF can also provide you with information about establishing a charitable trust that will provide you with income during your lifetime.

Real Estate

An outright gift of unencumbered real estate may enable you to benefit the library significantly. For more information, please contact the library director.

Contribution of Materials

The Library System recognizes that donations are an important source of library materials. Please review the Collection Development Policy for a list of items that we accept. Once a donation is given to the Library System it becomes the property of the System and will not be returned for any reason. Donors are informed of the following possibilities for disposition of their donations:

  • Included in the collection of the library where donated;
  • Included in the collection of other Carbon County libraries;
  • Offered to a library outside the System;
  • Offered to the public for sale;
  • Discarded

Special Items

Art, special collections and antique furniture are sometimes appropriate gifts for the library. If you are considering such a donation, please consult the library director to confirm that your gift can be used as you wish.